Rina Yoon received B.F.A in studio art from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and M.F.A in printmaking from the Washington University in St. Louis, MO.   Yoon is Professor of Art at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design where she has been teaching printmaking since 1999.  Over the last 20 years, Yoon has focused on non-traditional printmaking methods in her work.  While traditional printmaking involves making an image on a plate for printing multiples, Yoon uses the printmaking process for its unique and visual characteristics rather than producing multiple prints of the same image.  Some of the most important qualities of the processes that Yoon incorporates are: marks embedded into the paper with the pressure of the press, building up layers allowing time for reflection and meditation, and re-configuring different plates to change or alter images altogether.  Yoon has produced a series of large-scale prints, print installation, drawings, and mixed media works.  Yoon’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including Korea, Poland, Germany and Italy.